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Your Gut Biology And The Secrets Of Effective, Sustained Weight Loss
Let’s get right down to the guts of the matter! Whilst countless diet books have focused on fads and fleeting feeding fashions, we’ve had to wait until now to discover that the key to successful weight control is hidden in our intestinal flora. Encouraging the right balance of microbes in our gut and enhancing natural digestion are two of the most important and positive contributions we can make towards generating great health and real weight control.

There is an ancient tradition in many cultures that our intelligence is not simply located in the brain. You might find it surprising that recent research is taking a fresh look at this unusual question and producing some unexpected answers.

Dr Natasha Campbell Macbride, an authority in this fascinating area, states “The importance of your gut flora, and its influence on your health cannot be overstated. It is truly profound. Your gut literally serves as your second brain and even produces more of the neurotransmitter serotonin – known to have a beneficial influence on your mood – than your brain does”.

In order to fully support your body to deal with your Gut Health response, here are Dr Parry’s Recommendations for a complete treatment For more information on each of these supplements please visit the links below.

Bio Hemp

Para- Block



Pro- Immuno