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Your immune system is your body’s version of the military – sworn to defend against all who threaten it, both foreign and domestic. It has some fascinating soldiers that help make this possible.
Your immune system protects against disease, infection, and helps you recover after an injury.
Your immune system is ready for anything you can throw at it. But it can only handle so much.

Stress has a significant effect on your immune system. During stress, a series of events release cortisol, adrenaline, and other stress hormones from the adrenal gland. Together they help your body cope with stress. It’s important to find healthy ways to deal with your stress. This will decrease your risk of long-term stress and its related health problems.

Your immune system can adapt, which is why human beings have been around for so long.
Once your body comes in contact with a foreign substance, it attacks it and remembers it. If it comes back, your body knows what to do. This is most apparent with measles: One infection is usually enough to protect you for life.

The complexity of the immune system is second only to that of the central nervous system, although the immune system is older in evolutionary terms (1). Our immune system is often described as possessing two principal components: innate and adaptive immunity, which work in concert to defend the body against infection.

In order to fully support your body to deal with your Immune response, here are Dr. Parry’s Recommendations for a complete treatment For more information on each of these supplements please visit the links below.

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