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How and Why it All Began

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Nutrition has always formed the basis of any programme for improved health and wellbeing. Initially, via Beran’s clinical consultations in Brussels, Gibraltar and Marbella, and later through her online work with clients around the world, Beran would often recommend nutritional supplements for her patients and was forced to source the products from a variety of laboratories in both Europe and the USA. Whilst the products were certainly helpful to her clients, Beran always felt that there was room for further improvement and development. She knew that better quality products would lead to better results for her patients.

The research project to develop the ideal nutritional supplements was launched in 2004 and so began the quest to create the best formulations, carefully crafted under optimal conditions. During this period, Beran explored the science behind the design and creation of supplements and began to recommend and formulate high-quality nutritional products that would meet her exacting standards. Word quickly spread and demand for Beran’s products created a highly successful brand of genetically healthy, vegan-based nutritional supplements.

In 2018, and in collaboration with a team of formulation scientists and extremely positive consumer feedback, the Gen-X Series was launched with the goal of empowering personal health and well being whilst encouraging renewed energy and vitality for everyone who wants to look and feel younger, stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier. Because we all deserve to feel amazing every single day.