5 HUGE Steps to YOUR Best Life! Anti Ageing Beran Parry Blog

26 Mar, 2018

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A common trap we all fall into is thinking other people have it great when things aren’t going right for us.

But I understand, because I’ve been there, too.

The thing about personal growth is that you don’t just learn things once. It’s quite the opposite, actually.

Any lesson you are meant to learn in life will keep showing up again and again, even once you’re SURE you’ve mastered it.

With that, here are the five things I know are true that will help you get unstuck and make the most out of life even when things feel tricky …

5 Beautiful Life Lessons YOU can use NOW!

1. Your best ideas come to you when you are in action.
Instead of wishing for a guarantee that something will work out, wish for the courage to take action despite not knowing the outcome. You don’t know what you don’t know, but being in action will get you thinking in new directions and creating magic. Your new mantra: Even better ideas come once I’m in action.

2. Achieving your goals and dreams will always mean a cost.
The important thing is that you are very clear with yourself about your prioritiesand what you are willing to give up (or not give up) to achieve your dreams.

My personal mantra: I have my priorities straight and know what I’m willing to sacrifice.

3. Burnout breeds Disappointment
This is more for the hardcore drivers out there who tend to burn themselves out by scheduling back-to-back appointments six days a week.

More work is often not the way to create more success. Burnout makes everything else in life feel messy because working 24/7 leaves you operating at a low vibration.

My personal mantra: Work hard, play hard, rest hardest.

4. You have the power to change your beliefs.
Thank your ego for keeping you safe as a child, and release it as your adult self. You have the power to shift your beliefs at any age or moment in your life. I used to believe that there was only a certain way to change your beliefs, but trust me, it’s more than possible in many ways!.

My personal mantras: I don’t make up stories that haven’t happened and let them prevent me from taking action. I am willing to change my beliefs and learn new things.

5. Self-doubt is part of the human condition.
Every single person on the planet—no matter how confident they seem—experiences self-doubt.

My personal mantra: I take action even though I doubt myself.

My hope for you is that you learn to take action and move forward despite not having a guarantee that it will all work out. Hold the belief that even if it doesn’t go as planned—because it rarely does—that it will be even better.