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24 Mar, 2018

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Do you wonder why the motivation to change starts out fierce but soon fizzles out with excuses?
CHANGE won’t happen and last unless you completely overhaul your habits…

1. Believe or don’t bother

You may try many different ways to lose weight and gain health but if deep down you don’t “believe” you can be a certain way they tend to self sabotage. If you feel that no workout plan or program will ever work for you because you have not gotten the results you want prior well then guess what? It will never work for you! To change this you have to change your mind set. Let go of the idea that something will not work for you and BELIEVE that it will.

2. Get Uncomfortable Comfort

You have to get UNCOMFORTABLE if you want to become comfortable with new results. Until we shift our definition of comfort our old ways and habits will continue to pop up.

3. Be Self Sufficient!

The way to address this is to think through your deep goals. The “why” you want this. How will it make you FEEL to reach your goal? Will it improve your relationship? Your business? Consider making a Personal visual commitment by creating a list of goals and put them on your refrigerator!

4. Research is King

You have to know what to do. Spend time learning and when you understand why too much sugar or toxins are not great for you or why doing certain exercises a certain way are effective you will be more keen to commit and push past your comfort zone.

5. Consistency is Key

You have to be consistent. It did not take you a short period of time to get off track. It can’t ALL be undone in a day, a week or a month. Be consistent, push through, commit to making things happen and a new you will emerge.

GET STARTED RIGHT NOW because your life is going to TRANSFORM for the better!

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