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17 Dec, 2017

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For those of us in our Midlife period, changes in metabolism can make weight loss difficult.


Why Does Weight Loss Get MORE Challenging as WE Get Older?
Losing weight requires more effort as you reach middle age due to the following factors.

Aging Muscles

Your muscle tissue naturally shrinks and loses mass as you age. When your muscle cells diminish, unburned calories are more likely to become fat.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes of menopause don’t necessarily trigger weight gain in women, but can change where fat is stored. As a result, excess weight accumulates in the abdomen, rather than the hips and thighs.

Lifestyle Changes

You may experience many lifestyle changes, both good and bad, as you age. This can lead to over-indulgence in unhealthy foods without the benefit of daily exercise.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight as You Age

As your body fat or waist circumference increases, you may be at risk for the following serious conditions:

  • heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • colon cancer
  • breast cancer
  • stroke
  • poor mobility due to strain on your joints and muscles

If you have any of these conditions at middle age, they may become harder to manage if you don’t lose the weight.

Losing Weight as WE Age!

It’s best to consult a specialist in midlife weight Loss and advice could include:

  • Following a specific weight loss program…which should be based on epigenetics!
  • Following an exercise program …..which should be based Pilates and Yoga.
  • Following a Stress Resilience Program….which is the third key to Midlife Wellbeing!



Are there foods that can help to promote muscle strength and vitality in midlife?


New research suggests that eating the right amount of protein helps maintain muscle strength and vitality. To meet your protein needs, choose lean quality protein such as fish, poultry and make sure it’s organic or wild caught. Spread your protein intake throughout the day, instead of eating it all at once.

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