extract from “Screw Cancer and the Sugar it rode in on” Anti Ageing Beran Parry Blog

09 Oct, 2017

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“We all have cancer cells in our bodies and gads of research show that damaged mitochondria in our cells is the trigger that allows cancer to take command of these formerly healthy cells and run amok. (Mitochondria are the little engines in our cells that convert food into energy.) The million dollar question is what’s causing the damage to our mitochondria? Pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fats, preservatives, antibiotics, chronic stress to name a few diet and lifestyle factors mentioned by coauthors Dr. Nasha Winters and Jess Higgins Kelly in the intro to The Midlife Approach to Cancer. But my ears really perked up when they started to explain the metabolism of a cancer cell.
Cancer cells use a simple fermentation process to convert glucose (carbohydrates) into the energy (sugar) they need to thrive. And while, cancer is wily and adaptable in its ability to survive in the body, sugar is its go-to fuel—sugar in the form of grains and rice (bread, pasta, crackers, etc.), potatoes, and other starches, as well as processed sugar, fruit juices, honey, and other sweeteners. All that stuff is cancer food.
Here’s the shocking part: cancer cells can’t burn fat. They need sugar. But you don’t. Your cells are fine burning fat (and oils) for energy. When your cells make the transition to fat burning, you enter a natural and desirable state of ketosis, the same as newborn babies when they exclusively feed on breast milk, with its super high fat content.”
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