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20 Feb, 2018

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Everyone tells you life isn’t fair… but it seems even less fair for those of us with stubborn belly bloat!

You can eat less and exercise harder, yet still put on weight, especially around the belly.

Then you lose the energy to keep up the battle and things get worse!

Is it just an inevitable side effect of midlife health and/or menopause?

Not exactly…

Sure, there are going to be some side effects of aging.

But there’s a reason it may be happening faster than it has to.

It’s called hormonal burnout…

And it can wreak havoc on your metabolism.

Fortunately, research shows a clear way to reverse its effects.

The #1 Cause of Male and Female Fat Gain After 45…

Hormonal burnout for women is caused by declining levels of estrogen and its sister-hormone, progesterone. For men it’s reduced testosterone!

This chart below shows the insanity that throws this hormonal see-saw out of whack:

When hormonal burnout strikes, your menopausal or midlife metabolism becomes vulnerable to two major threats.

Threat #1: You Become More Carb-Sensitive…

First, the decline in estrogen hurts your ability to process carbs. That’s because estrogen helps your body manage blood sugar.

So less estrogen leads to higher blood sugar. And higher blood sugar turns into fat, especially around the belly.

That’s why an evening bowl of pasta can result in an extra pant size in the morning!

So should you cut out carbs completely? Absolutely not. That just stresses out your metabolism even more.

And that brings up the next threat…

Threat #2: You Become More Stress-Reactive…

Once you’re start going through menopause, your stress-hormone cortisol spikes up to 74%. That’s unfortunate, as a woman’s metabolism is already more sensitive to stress than a man’s.

But the drop in estrogen and progesterone makes matters even worse. That’s because they amplify the effects of your brain’s “feel good” molecules, serotonin and GABA.

Those molecules help you stay happy, relaxed and sleeping well. That acts like a shield, protecting you from the damaging effects of stress.

So with a weaker stress shield (due to lower estrogen and progesterone) you’re much more vulnerable to cortisol:

  • It can break down collagen in your skin, making you look 5 – 10 years older.
  • It can eat away at muscle and bone, making you soft, saggy and brittle.
  • Worst of all, it multiplies your belly fat.

Your Bloated Belly Solution…

Fortunately, there is a way to conquer these dual threats.

The answer: tap into your natural metabolic advantage.

By working with this advantage, one study found you can burn 65% more fat during exercise than before!

This also helps keep your tummy trim and prevent the belly bulge from striking.

The trick is, you have to do less… not more!

Your #1 challenge is to get the stress hormone cortisol under control.

That can allow your adrenals and ovaries to re-balance your hormone levels…

So how do you do this?

Work With Your Hormones, Not Against Them using a Unique Midlife Regeneration Program!

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