A delicious, vegan protein does exist. Beran Parry Blog

06 Jul, 2021

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We know — because we have created  it!

Life-transforming, zero sugar, zero dairy, zero gluten, almost zero carbs and full of tasty protein goodness delivered to your door.

Find out why so many are turning to Gen-X Series low calorie, all natural, vegan protein products to deliver the results they want.

Get lean, rebalance your insulin and enjoy an amazing taste all in one glass

This is what Gen-X Vegan Protein users are saying…

“What I like about the protein powder is how easy it is to mix with just water, and how good it tastes.  I have used other protein powder mixes from Herbalife, for example, which don’t mix well with water or almond milk, and don’t taste as good either! Dennis

“For me the ease of being able to take it when I travel.  It helps me to maintain my healthy lifestyle while being on the road.  It’s also a great way to curb any cravings I might have by indulging with a shake as opposed to make a poor food choice.   I highly recommend it!” Erika

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