A healthy BBQ all-star spectacular Beran Parry Blog

16 Jul, 2019



Whole, well-seasoned, deeply charred vegetables make for brilliant main dishes at a BBQ. Truly, no one will miss the meat—the days of veggies being relegated to slaws and salads are completely over. The key is to treat whatever vegetable you’re cooking the way you’d treat a piece of meat: Rub it all over with olive oil, season liberally with low sodium salt, and give it ample time over the fire. One especially useful tip: Maintain high-heat and low-heat zones on the grill so you can move the vegetables as they cook to attain optimal doneness.

Once you’ve mastered making incredible grilled cauliflower steaks, sweet potatoes, or cabbage, the addition of fantastic, cleaned-up grilling sauces takes them to the next level.

Combine a perfectly charred vegetable with a fresh, tomato, tamarind and chilli sauce and you’ve got a BBQ all-star that’s spectacular, easy to make, incredibly delicious—and infinitely healthier than the meat-filled with antibiotics and hormones.