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15 Jul, 2019

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Many people today are getting a large portion of their energy from glucose when they shouldn’t be. When you are sitting in front of the TV you should not be burning much glucose. Yet for many people today they are doing just that. Why? Because they are eating more carbohydrates than they need. What does carbohydrates get turned into? Glucose. 
Too much glucose in your blood can be deadly, so your body will try to remove it from your blood ASAP by burning it off and whatever it can’t burn off it will store as fat. Your body is preferentially burning glucose when it shouldn’t because there is simply too much of it around for it to do anything else. It is doing it to save your life.

Unfortunately, years and years of eating this way causes many health issues, but it also causes the body to “forget” how to burn fat for fuel, which is what should be your primary fuel when doing low-intensity activity (like watching TV).

If you are fat-adapted, that means you are no longer depending on glucose all the time to fuel your energy instead you are burning fat, either from your body or the food you are eating. This is exactly what you should be doing and the way your body has been designed to work from millions of years of evolution.

So Carbs Are Bad Then, Right?

No. Bet you didn’t expect me to say that   Carbs are not bad, they have their place in a healthy diet. What is bad is an over-abundance of carbs all the time, especially from highly processed foods!
I like the saying of “you should eat the carbs you earn”. If you are sedentary, not moving all day, staring at a computer, you do not require a ton of carbs. If you are a highly trained athlete working out multiple times a day training for a competition, you should not fear carbs at all.

The great part about being fat-adapted is that you will require less carbs. The ratio of fats/carbs we are burning is pliable. Highly trained fat-adapted athletes burn a large percentage of fat at some pretty intense efforts

How do YOU become Fat-Adapted?
In order to become fat adapted you need to adopt the PKV Ageless Metabolic Eating Approach! This is a scientifically designed eating system that uses Epigenetics as a baseline philosophy and a uniquely combined Paleo/Keto/Vegan eating approach. The Ageless Metabolic Book, Online Detox Systems And Retreats deliver your permanent Fat Adapted Lifestyle Education!

You will also be able to study our Primal PKV Health Coach Certification Course for your own benefit or as a new career opportunity!

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