Are YOU leptin resistant? Beran Parry Blog

06 Feb, 2019

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Leptin resistance means that even if you have plenty energy available from fat cells, you’re still hungry.

When things go wrong with the way your body reads your fat cells, it’s called being “leptin resistant.” This is the case for many obese people.

Not only can it lead to obesity, but also other health problems. This includes bone problems and a higher risk of heart disease.

How can you tell if you’re leptin resistant? 

Top 5 Signs You’re Leptin Resistant

1. You’re Overweight

 If you’re not at a healthy weight, it’s a strong indication of being leptin resistant.

2. You’re Always Hungry

If you find yourself dying for food no matter how much you’ve eaten, it’s a sign that your body isn’t sending or receiving the right message.

To test this at home, time yourself to see how long it takes for you to get hungry after a meal. If you can’t go four hours without feeling hungry, something may be wrong.

3. You’re Purposely Starving Yourself

Plenty of people decide to lose that last couple of pounds by counting and cutting calories. This is a big mistake that can backfire and make your body hang on to stored fat and want to eat more. When your body thinks it’s starving, it reacts.

4. You’re Overstressed and Overtired

Stress and sleep issues are pretty common problems these days, but did you know they can have an effect on your appetite and ability to control your hunger? Both can lead to leptin resistance.

Stress affects literally every cell in your body. Do your health a huge favor and practice some stress resilience techniques.

5. You’re Eating Too Much Junk

If you’re eating a lot of sugar or processed foods, you’re much more likely to become leptin resistant.

How do you turn leptin resistance around?

The best way is by eating healthy. Cut out white flour, sugars and processed foods and up your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. The unhealthy foods make you leptin resistant, while the Omega 3 foods help fight leptin resistance.

Omega 3’s in foods like wild caught salmon are especially effective.  Recipes like grilled wild salmon or any high fat fish and lovely mixed salad offer a good amount of Omega 3’s to help with leptin resistance.

At the same time, try to cut out snacking. If you’re really hungry and you can’t fight it, choose some veggies or some nuts. Just be sure to stick to a small serving of nuts. 7 almonds is a good serving size and will satiate you.

And finally, get as much exercise and sleep as possible, and do what you can to cut down on your stress.