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19 Jul, 2019

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What you choose to put on your plate is one of the most important health interventions you can make. Food not only affects our likelihood of disease, but it can lengthen our lives, change our mood, and even affect the expression of our DNA. By approaching disease with a holistic perspective, of which food is a vital part, we can tackle the root causes of disease and truly live well.

Holistic and Functional Nutrition and Cooking form the basis of true health and disease prevention in our lives, so creating books, courses and online education about these subjects has become my passion!

How we can eat to reduce the risk of brain disease, cardiovascular problems, inflammation imbalance, poor immunity, and even reduce the chances of cancer is a very vital part of transforming our health! And how we can heal our bodies through simple lifestyle changes including hormone rebalancing, inflammation reduction, intelligent exercise, stress reduction, sleeping well, and finding purpose in our lives, has become an integral part of living with your highest wellbeing.

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