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08 Feb, 2021

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It’s time to talk immunity strength!.. and whether vaccination is the answer. As with many aspects of health, the objective answer is complex!

Extract from my bestselling book Total Immunity Defence…

To Vaccinate….or Not

Here are rules to follow:

  1. Be a “healthy skeptic”

Skepticism must also be combined with an open mind and a desire to seek the truth. That is healthy.

  1. Follow and test the facts

If after you devote time to a serious fact-finding investigation and you come away with the resultant opinion, then you can rest in knowing that you have looked at the evidence with an open mind and can speak confidently about what you believe.

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  1. Is there a ONE CAUSE of anything?

Epigenetics describes the way our genes interact with our environment. Everything in our environment, physical, chemical and emotional interact with our genes. Genetic expression differs in every human being. And so therefore does immunity expression!

Furthermore, we are often interested only in accessing info that fits our perceived beliefs…as the Cultural Theory of Risk suggests, people are generally primarily interested in accessing information that supports their own personal views rather than contradictory information, even that which has a sound scientific basis.

Refusal to vaccinate is driven by several different reasons such as negative medical family experiences that are related to vaccinations by the parents, concerns about the safety of the vaccines and ingredients more specifically, and for religions or ethical reasons. All valid reasons. But then of course there are valid  reasons to vaccinate as well… immune protection, herd immunity and psychological relief.

So what is the answer?

It’s to believe in your own ability to decide what’s right for you!… not anybody else’s… research correctly and look within and you will find the answers.

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