Top 7 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Beran Parry Blog

16 Aug, 2018

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1. Make a Fresh Veg Juice

Whether you use leafy green vegetables like spinach or a mix of carrot, celery and ginger to boost your energy and your metabolism, you will feel amazing after drinking a nutritious fresh juice!




2. Tap Your Chest

If you take your hand and tap yourself below the collarbone, it triggers your thymus to make more T-cells. This relieves stress and increases energy.




3. Get some Sunshine asap

The longer you spend indoors under artificial light, the more tired you’ll feel. Take a walk outside in the sunshine to give yourself an energy boost.
There’s a good chance you are Vitamin D deficient anyhow so get out there and soak up some sunlight!



4. Have a Tea Party

Go ahead, break out your good china and brew up some herbal tea…ginger is my favourite!





5. Walk it Out

The more you sit, the more tired you feel. Get your blood flowing by taking a 20-60 minute walk. It will make you feel much better. Especially when it’s the very last thing you feel like doing!




6. Power Up with a Shake

When you combine healthy plant proteins with complex carbs in your shake, you fight fatigue. Try Hemp Protein Powder for the biggest energy boost!




7. Just Breathe

When you inhale deeply and then exhale completely, you ease stress and improve your overall level of energy and vigour!







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Please feel free to leave a comment below too! What’s the one thing that always energizes you when you feel sluggish?