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19 May, 2021

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Extract from my new book…

“Your Longevity Blueprint”

Your visceral fat will determine your lifespan!

Highly regarded researchers have found that central adiposity —fat carried around your middle area — was consistently associated with a higher risk of premature mortality from all types of illnesses.

This visceral fat stored in the abdomen around the internal organs can affect systemic inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, blood pressure, lipid profile, and endothelial dysfunction.

It’s also linked to a greater risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and kidney disease, breast and colon cancer, and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s.

Pooling data from 50 studies involving 2 million participants, they discovered that every 4-inch increase in waist size was linked to an 8 percent increase in premature death for men and 12 percent for women. The threat increased when adjusted for smoking, alcohol consumption, and limited exercise.

Overall, according to findings among more than 350,000 European men and women published in The New England Journal of Medicine, having a large waist can nearly double one’s risk of dying prematurely even if overall body weight is normal.

So, what to do?

My latest book lays out a highly effective, cutting edge, scientific approach towards reducing visceral fat! However, it needs to be approached in two stages…

Step 1: Reduce Overall Inflammation and detoxify your body, mind and emotions.

(this involves a unique approach to your nutritional selection and habits, your DNA and (newly developed) Microbiome Test results and your immune system, including pathogens and inflammatory responses)

Step 2. Reduce Visceral Fat and increase your reverse aging capacity.

(this involves using scientific data to select a unique and step by step approach to nutritional manipulation and very specific individualized supplementation to enhance your overall cell rejuvenation.)


More info soon, but if you are interested in this 2-step approach, contact me for a chat on