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17 Oct, 2017

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Midlife AA Face Pilates

Facial toning is an ancient technique that’s getting a modern makeover because you actually can tone and sculpt your face, without the use of products using facial exercises that target your 43 facial muscles.

Muscle has memory and exercise is accumulative, so you really can tone, sculpt, and define the face over time! It also improves bone density and muscle mass, which prevents sagging and boosts collagen production.

So what’s an AA Face Pilates workout like?

It’s structured like my Master Pilates Workout says Beran Parry, Master Pilates Trainer: “We first warm up your muscles through massage, then brush the skin to get the ‘cardio effect which is a facial massage that’s all about detox,”

“Next is sculpting, where we use our special movement and counting method  – and then – eventually we use both our hands which helps lift, tone, and tighten, followed by a neck stretching cool-down.

There is also acupressure circles, which propels the lymphatic elimination system, and the warmup also consists of a specialised rotational massage that releases facial tension and finally a highly effective stretch session which really helps neck and shoulder tension—which improves the symmetry of your face. After that, we start a very structured process of counting and movement and this “aids in tension release and lymphatic draining.”

And then the most important part!: “strength training,” which, involves 32 repetitions of certain muscle contractions. “We ask you to move your muscles in certain ways as our hands become little free weights providing resistance,” she says. One example: you push up and sideways just under your eyebrows and contract for 32 counts —which isolates and defines those muscles.

Face Pilates stimulates collagen production, resulting in a lifted, toned, and tightened face.

“Like with the gym, however, there are no shortcuts—it’s all about maintenance,” Master Face Pilates Expert Beran Parry says. There is one big difference, she adds: “You don’t have to do anything by yourself, we have a fully timed series of 45 videos for you to follow daily exercising together with me!

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This is the before and after result of AA Face Pilates and the AA Face Care Method