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27 Dec, 2017


Berry Ice Cream and Almond Delight

For the Ice Cream:
1 can full fat coconut milk
Stevia to taste
2 tbsp vanilla
1 cup fresh strawberries, cut into fourths

For the crisp:
1/3 cup almond flour
3 tbsp sunflower seed butter (or almond butter)
1/2 tsp vanilla
stevia to taste
low sodium salt to taste

For the ice cream:
Combine coconut milk and vanilla together in a small saucepan over medium heat and stir until ingredients are well combined (just a few minutes).
Transfer milk mixture to a small bowl and place in the freezer for two hours.
Next, add strawberries to a small saucepan and bring to a low boil.
Turn heat to medium-low and allow to cook until they start breaking down into a sauce-like mixture, leaving small chunks.
Place strawberries in refrigerator while the ice cream hardens.

For the crisp:
Combine all ingredients and mix until you get a “crumble’ consistency.
Place crisp in refrigerator until ready to use.
After two hours, place milk mixture into your ice cream maker along with the strawberries and use as directed.
When ice cream is ready, scoop and serve with crisp sprinkled on top.

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