Beran’s Excellent Healthful Holiday Tips Beran Parry Blog Recipes

03 Dec, 2017

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1. Drink plenty of water.
The better hydrated you are, the less likely you are to mistake thirst for hunger. You will also feel more full.

2. Watch the alcohol.
Alcohol is a double whammy because it also lowers your willpower around high sugar foods.

3. Choose colorful foods.
If you seek out bright colors, you have a better chance of eating fresh vegetables.

4. Have a strategy before you walk up to a buffet.
Simply choose larger helpings of salads and steamed foods and things you know will nourish your body.

5. Know your host.
Bring a healthier dish to the party. Most hostesses will appreciate a little something extra to share with guests.

6. Stay sugar and dairy free
And not to worry, if it’s chocolate you love…Just choose or bring with you the sugar free dairy free delicious chocolate choices now around

7. Eat before you arrive.
Plenty of people make the mistake of not eating before a party. Instead, fill up on healthy foods before you go. Then you won’t be too hungry to eat without control.

8. Don’t give up on exercise.
Even though this is a busy time of year, remember to stay active. Daily exercise will keep you focused, energetic, take the stairs instead of the escalator. Go for a walk every day!

9. Set yourself up for the healthiest 2018 possible.
Ask for and give health-minded gifts. Herbal teas, workout clothes are great gifts!

Many of us suffer with negative effect of inflammation. Here is a valuable gift which also deals with longevity and weight loss to give to your friends and loved ones.