My Best Fatburning Energy Bar Ever Beran Parry Blog Recipes

15 Nov, 2017

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Make my all time favourite energy bars that are full of FAT BURNING energy, without all unnecessary and undesirable ingredients!

Make your own at home, add your own favorite healthy ingredients, and enjoy! These bars are actually ‘baked’ at a low temperature in the oven, preserving many of the vital nutrients included in the ingredients. This also preserves the natural enzymes, and allows for just the right amount of chewiness! Gluten free, corn free, dairy and soy free, grain free, low glycemic, and Paleo! What could be better! REAL ingredients for REAL health!

(The ingredients given are all approximate and do not have to be exact. Adjust ingredients until the right consistency is achieved.)

1/2 cup raw mixed nuts of any kind (I used raw macadamias and walnuts for high omega 3)

½ cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup natural (no sugar added) almond butter/sunflower butter

2-3 scoops of hemp protein powder

1/2 raw apple

1/2 cup natural flaked or shredded coconut, no sugar added

5 drops stevia or more if sweet tooth is prevalent

2 tsp cinnamon

low sodium salt to taste

1/4 cup or so water as needed

In a food processor, add pumpkin seeds, nuts and mix. Add nut butter, and other ingredients and mix until well blended. Add a small amount of water if mixture is too crumbly. Mixture should end up like thick cookie dough and stick together.

Preheat oven to 160-175 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet lightly with butter, and drop cookie-sized spoonfuls on sheet. Smash down till flat, about a half inch or less thick. Cook in oven all day or overnight—about 6-8 hours. You can also use a large baking dish and spread thinly in dish. Bars should be solid and slightly browned when done. Cool. Cut up in squares if in baking dish.

Makes 12 or so, depending on size.

You should also know that this recipe is an almost perfect low-glycemic snack for Diabetics, due to it’s blend of fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, and no sugars and carbs that impact blood sugar.

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