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28 Jan, 2018

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Are You Burning Your Fat or Burning Your Sugar for Energy?

When your body burns sugar for energy, the sugar is quickly depleted as an energy source, which is why you often feel tired, have cravings for more sugar, ride an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs, feel restless instead of sleeping soundly, and have so much trouble carrying around extra weight.

On the other hand, fat is a much more efficient and long-lasting energy source. It provides a steadier calmer energy, without the large ups and downs in emotion, and without cravings. When it’s time to go to sleep, you’ll feel a relaxed type of tired and sleep soundly through the night.

Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and body shape, starts by switching your body’s energy source from sugar-burning to fat-burning. This is really great news because it means you can start feeling better right away: more energy, better sleep, less stress, without big restrictions on eating delicious food, and shedding unnecessary fat and pounds safely and steadily each week.

When your body is burning sugar, your energy is up and down, you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed, you also hold a lot more tension and inflammation throughout your body. In the short run, this feels like bloat, swelling, puffiness, unresolving pain and a general feeling of discomfort and imbalance.

How do YOU convert Your Sugar Burning Metabolism into A Permanent Fat Burning Metabolism?

Exciting news! There is a process called The Metabolism Mastery Method!

The M.M. Method consists of the following initial steps to ensure that Your Metabolism Changes Permanently

1. Vision Analysis of Your Desired Metabolism and Wellbeing Results
2. Deep Dive Forensic Analysis, toxins, diet, eating behavior, hormone balance, exercise behavior, emotional stress panel, etc
3. Lab work and initial food test results assessment
4. Development of the overall process required to make your metabolism shift permanently.
5. Creating the exact steps of each stage of the Method needed to convert your metabolism.

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