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17 Feb, 2018

If you’re over 35 years old…

Often have extreme hunger or cravings in the morning or early afternoon…

Plus you have less energy than ever and you look and feel older than you should…

And you’ve made at least four unsuccessful attempts to lose body fat…

It’s absolutely critical

that you pay close attention to this incredible and new information!
And chances are good that you’re suffering from an undiagnosed condition that makes your fat essentially immune to diet and exercise.

If you don’t understand what this condition is doing to your body and metabolism, it may be virtually impossible to lose any significant amount of body fat and keep it off for good.

In fact, until you address the real problem, you could be stuck in what I call…

“The Midlifeally Inactive Downward Spiral.”

It starts with a hormone imbalance that creates a small pocket of what’s called “metabolically inactive fat”.

This is a cluster of cells that can absorb an almost unlimited amount of fat, but never let it go.

Think of these like balloons that constantly inflate, yet never pop.

Worse, as this cluster grows, it spews out toxic chemical byproducts called cytokines.

These cytokines cause a metabolism-damaging chain of events that drains your energy, slows down your thyroid, and wreaks havoc on your brain chemistry, affecting hunger and cravings.

This throws your hormones into even more turmoil and creates new pockets of “unpoppable” fat cells that swell. And the metabolicalky inactive downward spiral continues

It’s a vicious cycle that quickly covers your body in layer after layer of immovable inactive fat!

Over my career, I’ve seen thousands of patients in this exact situation.

They tried every kind of exercise program… went on extreme diets for months at a time… and punished their bodies in unbelievable ways…

Yet everything they did just ended up leaving them heavier, hungrier, and more exhausted than before.

No matter how hard they pushed themselves, eventually a stress-filled day would break their willpower and lead to a “cheat.”

Whatever small progress they made was wiped out… and then some.

Not only did they feel weak and disgusted with themselves for cheating… they were demoralized from seeing how quickly their progress evaporated.

While everyone’s story is different, there’s one common theme. They all say,

“I feel like a failure.”

After seeing thousands of patients over 30 years, I can tell you..
The problem isn’t “bad genetics.”

And it has nothing to do with being weak or lazy.

Once you’re in the metabolically inactive spiral, it’s nearly impossible to cut your calories low enough or exercise long enough to escape putting on more fat!
In fact, doing that only makes it worse…

Because the problem isn’t you. The problem is:

Inactive fat.

The good news is, there’s a simple way to address the true cause of inactive fat
It doesn’t require intense exercise or extreme diets.

You won’t need any toxic drugs or risky surgeries.

And after you see the truth, you’ll discover that your body isn’t broken…

You can escape the metabolic inactivity downward spiral and release the layers of inactive fat clinging to your body…
You can be revitalized with a new source of energy and motivation to effortlessly power through your day…

You can banish the extreme hunger, sudden cravings and “hangry” feeling that can ruin your day, kill your mood and make you miserable to be around…

And you can do it no matter how old, sick or out of shape you feel right now.

So consider this:

You see, I’ve always thought it was important to find out what was really going on inside my patients instead of guessing based on their symptoms…

And it seemed logical to check again after I recommended a protocol to make sure it was having the right effects.

When it came to the patients who couldn’t lose weight no matter what they tried, the more of these blood panels I looked at, the clearer the pattern became.

They all had a dangerous imbalance of 3 key hormones.

This leads to what I call,

The 3 Midlife Killers.

And I believe them to be the primary cause of inactive fat.

Starting a diet or exercise program and expecting it to work ASAP without first addressing these 3 killers is nearly impossible.

Because it’s a simple biological fact:

You can’t burn fat from metabolically inactive fat cells.

Yet if you overcome these three metabolic killers and rebalance your hormones, burning fat not only becomes possible…

It becomes inevitable.

So as soon as I identified these three killers, I began testing 100% natural solutions to counteract and even reverse their destructive effects.

And by carefully reviewing comprehensive blood panels before and after treatment, I made a remarkable discovery.

You can breathe new life into metabolically inactive cells,
release the fat that has been trapped for years and
finally achieve your weight loss and health goals…

You see, once your body starts releasing that stored fat:

Your mood and energy become strong and stable 24/7. And without the emotional rollercoaster and mid-day crashes, your productivity skyrockets…
You’re no longer hungry all day. And the sudden overwhelming cravings that flare up at the least convenient times become a distant memory…
And you feel more motivated at work and at home, and you may even find more time to enjoy the hobbies you love…

However, the single most important change is that your metabolism can start operating at full speed… like it did in your younger years.

In fact, once your fat cells have been brought back to life, I’ll show you a way to…

Put your excess fat loss in overdrive.

And that requires a simple understanding of how your body uses fat.

Nearly every cell in your body has little energy-producing power plants inside them called mitochondria.

These mitochondria produce almost all of your body’s energy.

And like any power plant, they need a constant source of fuel to keep running.

Now, your mitochondria primarily use only two types of fuel.

They can either burn sugar (which comes mostly from the carbs you eat)…

Or they can burn fat (which comes from the excess body fat we could all use less of).

And believe it or not…

Your metabolism prefers burning body fat.

This is where the Midlife Mastery Program comes into Your Life

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