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05 Oct, 2017

Sidebar Challenge

tape-403592_1280 (1)Have you ever wondered why so many people are having difficulty losing weight these days? It should be easy, shouldn’t it? We’ve given up all the fat in our food, we’ve counted the calories, we’ve substituted artificial sweeteners for high-calorie sugar, we eat lots of fruit, we drink lots of fruit juice, we only eat whole grains. Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been advised to do for the past couple of decades? Was this the stern advice that we received from our doctors and nutritionists? Exactly. So what went wrong? How come everybody suddenly seems to have piled on an unbelievable amount of weight and the world is witnessing a massive increase in diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory problems and a disturbing list of other unpleasant conditions and syndromes? It’s baffling. It doesn’t make sense. It certainly doesn’t seem fair! But that’s because the advice was wrong. Totally and completely misguided, advice, ill-informed and dangerous for our health and wellbeing. Millions and millions of people are experiencing the daily misery of obesity and most of the weight-loss advice has been woefully misplaced. You can’t blame the doctors and health specialists. They were only following the accepted protocols of their chosen professions. They were only repeating the received wisdom of the health industry. Drugs have been patented to help people control their appetites and their weight. We have surgical procedures to remove excess fat and close off part of the stomach. It’s a major problem and there hasn’t been much of an answer – up until now.

16We are truly blessed to live in a world where pioneering scientists, doctors and dedicated researchers have found the courage to question the ineffective, conventional approaches of yesterday and challenge the old ways of handling obesity. In an age that has seen the genesis of the Functional Medicine movement, we now understand the real nature of the problem and – finally – we can offer hope to everyone that they really can lose their excess weight and keep it off. Forever.

The Functional Medicine revolution always aimed at prevention rather than cure but its discoveries are providing practical measures to combat and defeat an extraordinary array of diseases. Diet plays an important part in supporting many of the therapies and treatments and the research has clearly identified the link between consuming sugars and grains with the rise in obesity. By excluding sugar from the diet, limiting carbohydrate consumption, minimising grains at every mealtime and adding the most surprising element of all to the equation – fat – the body’s metabolism can be naturally reset. So we need more fat to stimulate the body to burn fat. We need to consider sugar as a poison and that includes the sugars in fruit and honey. We need to select natural, unprocessed food whenever possible, add lots of green vegetables to the mix and make sure we’re getting enough protein. The results are nothing short of dramatic.

So, after decades of poor advice and a failure to understand the fundamental mechanics of the human metabolism, finally we have the long-awaited answers to our weight problems. The answers might seem obvious to us now but, with the endorsement of a growing body of doctors and scientists, the solution to effective and permanent weight-loss is now easily to hand. And it doesn’t involve drugs, pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention. That surely is a miracle!

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