What is Epigenetics and how does it affect our weight? Beran Parry Blog Skinny Delicious Diet Weight Loss

08 Sep, 2014

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The formal description of Epigenetics refers to the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than by an alteration of the genetic code itself. That might not tell us very much but it really is an important statement!

It’s no longer simply a case of identifying which particular genes you have. We now know that it’s the way your genes are influenced and made to work that makes the difference.
Gene expression accounts for so many of our characteristics. And changes in gene expression have been related to a very wide range of environmental influences and that includes –
are you ready for this? –what we eat!

Yes, that’s absolutely right. The kind of food we consume every single day, the quality of the food we eat, the eating choices we make all contribute far more to our total health and wellbeing than was ever appreciated before.

It’s not a question of being pre-programmed by our DNA. We’ve been bombarded by articles and news items for decades telling us every day that everything in our lives is caused by our genes. But what if it isn’t just the genetic luck of the draw? What if our health is connected far more to how we live, to what we eat and a whole range of external factors that we can influence? What if we’re not programmed to be fat?

What if it’s about the choices we make? It’s becoming increasingly clear that the choices we make are incredibly important to our health and well being. This means we really can influence our health right now right down to the cellular level and that obviously includes our weight as well. This is the breakthrough in our understanding that is revolutionising our entire approach to health and weight control. Our genes do not fully determine our weight. The answer is not only in your genetic code. Its on the end of your fork!